7-2.1    New Connections.  Prior to any connection of any property to the borough water system, there shall be paid a water connection fee of seven hundred ($700.00) dollars payable to the borough at the time of application.  All water taps made and services installed must be metered.
7-2.2   Meter Connections and Fees.   Each residential and commercial service within the borough shall have installed by the Public Works Department a water meter. The cost of the water meter shall be charged to the property owner in accordance with the size of the water service at the property as follows:
                                    ¾” line             $275.00
                                    1” line              $375.00
                                    1 ½” line          $675.00
                                    2” line              $2,500.00 (Ord.No. 2016-18)
Meters may be purchased and installed by the property owner in accordance with and authority of the Public Works Department and its policies and procedures.
7-2.3    Installation and Repairs of Meter Pits.  Each residential and commercial service shall have a meter pit installed in the borough right-of-way or easement at the property owner’s expense.
If a property has a meter pit which is not located as required above and is in good condition, the property may use the pit as located, but shall relocate the meter in conformance with this ordinance upon sale of the property.
If the property owner fails to comply with the installation or repair of their water meter pit, it shall be the duty of the Department of Public Works to arrange for installation or repair of said meter pit, which may include the hiring of an outside contractor at prevailing wage.  All costs incurred for said services and materials shall be charged to the homeowner and shall be collected and enforced by the Borough according to law. 
In addition to the abovementioned costs, an administrative fee of $500.00 shall be charged to the homeowner and shall be collected and enforced according to law.
7-2.4    Water Rate Schedule.
A.  Residential and Commercial Customers.  All residential, commercial, industrial, institutional and governmental users shall be charged a base rate per dwelling unit and on gallons used. The maximum dwelling units per property shall be fixed at three (3). (Ord. No. 2016-18)
                        1. Quarterly base rate of ninety-five ($95.00) dollars per dwelling unit
                        2. Rate schedule (based on gallons used per meter):
                                    Gallons Used                          Rate Per Thousand (1,000) Gallons
                                        0 – 14,000                                      $ 1.70
                                        14,001 – 25,000                              $ 1.85
                                        25,001 – 50,000                              $ 3.35
                                        50,001 – 150,000                            $ 4.80
                                        150,001 – 300,000                          $ 6.90
                                        Over 300,000                                  $ 8.00
                                                                                                           (Ord. No. 2022-06 § 1)

B.Service Charges. 

1.A service charge of fifty ($50.00) dollars shall be made each time the water is turned on, and a like charge when the water is turned off for nonpayment of bills, carelessness, leaks, or to repair a meter box or curb stop. 

2.In the event the Public Works Department is called upon to turn off or turn on water service to any property after 3:30 p.m. and prior to 7:00 a.m. between Monday through Friday, or on Saturday, Sunday or holiday, there shall be a service charge of two hundred ($200.00) dollars. (Ord. No. 2020-04 § 1)

3.Final meter readings for property resale, or any other purpose, shall be processed in a timely manner at no charge. After the initial final read, any repeated requests for the same property shall have a service charge of fifty ($50.00) dollars per request included in the final read bill.

4. Requests for bulk water purchase from the Borough for commercial or other reasons shall be billed a flat service fee of two hundred fifty ($250.00) dollars plus the water charge based on gallons used per the rate schedule in paragraph A of this section. Bulk purchases are prohibited in the months of June, July and August. (Ord. No. 2020-14 § 2)


7-2.5    Property Owner Responsibility.
A.  Frozen Pipes.  Any property owner, tenant or other person in charge of any property who permits water pipes to freeze and thereby causes a loss of water shall be liable to the borough for all loss of water at the rates fixed by this section. 
B. Curb Boxes, Meters and Meter Pits.  All curb boxes, meters and meter pits are and shall remain the property of the borough and shall not be tampered with.  It is the property owner’s responsibility to keep meter pits and curb boxes in good condition and up to grade.  The property owner shall be charged for all expenses incurred by the borough for any repair. 
C. Tampering. No person, other than an employee or agent of the Borough of Harvey Cedars Water and Sewer Utility Department, shall remove, replace or, in any manner, interfere or tamper with a meter attached to a water pipe used or intended to be used to supply water.  Any plumbing configuration intended to bypass the meter is prohibited and shall be considered theft of service, as well as a violation of this section.
7-2.6    Prohibited water uses.  No municipal water shall be used for the pumping of piling or other construction except when circumstances would render the installation of piling impossible and in that event, the property owner may apply to the board of commissioners or its designee for relief from this prohibition.  Any relief granted hereunder shall be at the sole discretion of the board of commissioners or its designee and shall be metered and billed per gallon usage as per the water rate schedule set hereinabove.