Chief of Beach Operations, Randy Townsend
2023 Pre-Season Lifeguard Schedule (Skeleton Crew)
May 27th through June 16th
80th Street & Middlesex beaches on weekends (Saturday & Sunday)
Middlesex beach only Monday through Friday up to June 16th
2023 Season Schedule - Fulltime Crew
Saturday, June 17th through Monday, September 4th

Guarded beaches:
86th Street
83rd Street
80th Street
77th Street
73rd Street
69th Street
Middlesex Ave.
Atlantic Ave.
Hudson Ave. (also surfing beach)
Cape May Ave.
5417 Blvd. easement (aka Cumberland)
Bergen Ave. south
Bay Beach at West 75th Street

       2023 Post-Season Lifeguard Schedule (Skeleton Crew)   

     Tuesday, September 5th through Friday, September 30th

80th Street will be guarded on weekends (Saturday & Sunday) pending weather and staffing.

Middlesex Ave will be guarded daily through Sept. 30th.