7-5.4    User Charges.
A.  Residential and Commercial Customers.  All residential, commercial, industrial, institutional and governmental users shall be charged a base rate per dwelling unit and on gallons used. 
      1. Quarterly base rate of eighty-five ($85.00) dollars per dwelling unit
          (Ord. No. 2022-06 § 2)
            2. Rate schedule (based on gallons used per meter):
                        Single Unit      $1.90 per thousand gallons over   50,000 gallons
                        Duplex            $1.90 per thousand gallons over 100,000 gallons
                        Triplex             $1.90 per thousand gallons over 150,000 gallons
                        Quad               $1.90 per thousand gallons over 200,000 gallons
                        (Ord. No. 2022-06 § 2)
B.  Connection Fee.  Prior to any connection of any property to the borough sewer system, there shall be paid a sewer connection fee of one hundred ($100.00) dollars for new connections to the sanitary sewerage system payable to the borough at the time of application.