The Borough is offering an automatic direct debit option for tax and/or water/sewer payments.  Bills will be sent as usual; tax bills mailed annually with four payment stubs, and water/sewer bills sent quarterly either by regular mail or by email.

The total quarterly payments will be withdrawn automatically from a chosen bank account on the due date or the closest business day prior to the due date.

            Due dates for taxes are the 1st of February, May, August and November.

            Due dates for water/sewer are the 25th of the March, June, September and December.

For example, the 3rd quarter tax bill is due August 1st; if August 1st is on a Sunday, your direct debit payment will be processed on Friday, July 30th.  The 3rd quarter water bill is due September 25th; if September 25th is on a Sunday, your direct debit payment will be processed on Friday the 23rd.
You may choose to have direct payment for taxes and/or water/sewer. You do not have to do both, but two (2) authorization forms must be completed if doing both options.

If you are interested in utilizing this payment option for either the tax payments or for the water/sewer payment, do the following:
Rebecca Wessler
Borough of Harvey Cedars
PO Box 3185
Harvey Cedars, NJ 08008
For further information or questions, please email