The Borough of Harvey Cedars and the Harvey Cedars Taxpayers Association are working together to create beautiful new areas in our park. 
A personalized brick is a fantastic opportunity to honor your loved ones, show support for Harvey Cedars and participate in the beautification of our park.

In Sunset Park, the area around the existing flagpole will consist of a paved area with a short hardscape wall for sitting and approximately 6 benches (some of which are already there) along the path surrounding the flagpole.  The plan is to make this area a place of gathering and also of rest and reflection -- facing the Bay.  Click here to see a diagram of the proposed design.

The Bricks
Laser engraved pavers are 4" x 8" in classic red brick and feature an inscription in all capital letters.  Each brick can accomodate up to 4 lines of text with 21 characters per line (including spaces). We offer a Donor Brick (exact full size replica brick with felt on the bottom) for your home or place of business.  We also offer an option to order Mini Bricks (smaller 1.5" x 3" replica with felt on the bottom) to share with family or friends as a paperweight or special memento.


Click here to see available symbols