Permit Requirements
Local permits are required for all developments and improvements. In some cases, State and possibly Federal permits are required. Before you make any improvements to your property, contact the Building Department at 609-361-6016 to determine what permits are required. Please report any illegal construction, filling or development to the Building Department.

Substantial Improvement/Damage
The Borough's flood regulations require that if the cost of any repair of damage, reconstruction, or improvement of a structure equals or exceeds 50% of the replacement cost as determined by the Tax Assessor, then the entire structure must comply with FEMA’s flood regulations. This could require raising the structure so that the first floor is one foot above the base flood elevation. If you plan any major repairs or improvements to your property, contact the Building Official or Zoning Officer for details on flood regulations, Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) determinations, or for an on-site consultation.

Drainage Maintenance
It is most important to keep our storm water drainage systems free from obstructions so as to permit the rapid drainage of flood waters during coastal flooding conditions. Clogged drains can increase flooding conditions resulting in property damage and disruption of vehicular traffic flow. The Borough continually monitors these drainage systems to ensure they are clear of any obstruction. Any major blockages should be reported immediately to the Public Works Department at 609-361-6905. Chapter 9 of the Borough Code prohibits dumping of any type of litter or rubbish. Do not sweep any trash or garden clippings into storm drains and report any violators to the Department of Public Works.